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THR #3 for me

From: David Pauli
Date: 17 Oct 2001
Time: 14:21:21
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First off I think this site is wonderful. My story pales compared to some of the others Iíve read, but it may interest some and/or give hope. I had my first THR when I was 16(1977). I was hit by a car. It was a cemented one and worked really great, it lasted for ten years. Later, I wiped out my femur in a motorcycle accident and the hip was ok. I did some body cast time for that one. My second THR was in 1987, this was was cementless. After a long period on sticks (6-months) everything was great. Minimal pain, I stayed in shape riding bicycles (road and mountain bikes) and swimming. This one lasted fourteen years, although the last two were pretty painful. Over the years my socket receeded to the point that my leg was almost one-inch shorter. This made for a bad limp. And constant doses of Advil. I am now five-weeks post-op on my third replacement and all seems to be going well. It is cementless, and the technology is so much better now that Iíve been able to put weight on it from day-one. Right now I am back at work using only one crutch. My doctor was able to gain back the length I had lost, so it is nice too stand straight again. I canít say enough about how grateful I am that my doctor had the guts to do this surgery on me way back when I was 16, it wasnít very common back then. I am now 40, and other than no running, I really have lived a ďnormalĒ life. I know that many people are scared of what their life may become after THR. My experience has been very positive. Itís mostly a case of knowing the limitations. I wish you all well, if I can answer any questions donít hesitate to contact me.

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